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Storage Warehouse When you start to feel overrun with stuff, whether it is at your home or office, PODS can help. With us, there’s no need to rent a storage unit and then worry about renting a truck to haul all the stuff there. We’ll bring the container to you, and take it back to our storage facility. Whenever you need access to the items, call us, and we’ll bring it right back to your front door. We offer the option to keep the container on site as well, making us a great solution for both long and short term storage needs.

Reclaim Your Space

If you’ve got a bunch of stuff packed up in your garage or basement, store it in one of our portable storage containers until you are ready to sort through it to determine what you want to keep, throw away, recycle, or donate. Keep it on your property or at our facility, and it will be waiting on you when you are ready for it.

Get Organized

Having a hard time remembering where certain items are because they just keep getting lost in the shuffle? Use a PODS portable storage container for extra space while you move and rearrange things. If in the process you find there’s a lot of stuff you don’t want to keep in your home, but aren’t ready to get rid of yet, keep it in the container for as long as you need.

Protection During Remodeling

While plastic and drop cloths can provide some protection during messy projects, they can’t guarantee your belongings will be completely safe. Storing the items in a PODS portable storage container, on the other hand, protects them better from the dirt, dust, and debris that gets thrown around during remodeling projects.

Outside Warehouse

Commercial Storage for Greater St. Elmo Area Businesses

Have a business here in Chattanooga or nearby in Cleveland, Dalton or Fort Oglethorpe? PODS offers you innovative moving and storage solutions. Businesses often have extra inventory, special event marketing and promotional materials, document archives, and seasonal decor that they need to keep available, but not accessible at all times. Stop letting the things you don’t use every day clutter your office space. Store them in a portable storage container to keep them safe and out of sight until you need them.


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