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PODS Truck and House Moving can be hectic, but with PODS, we can help ease some of that stress. By removing the hassle of needing to rent and drive a truck to handle your move, PODS makes the process easier. With our door-to-door delivery service, all you have to focus on is packing.

Move on Your Terms

Don’t work well with the pressure of a deadline? No worries! Take as much or as little time as you need to pack your items into the portable storage container. One of our drivers will only come back to transport the container when you call and let us know you’re ready.

Ramp-Free Loading

The hassle of ramps means wasting time with each trip as you lug boxes up and down when you load and unload. Not to mention, the repeated trips up and down the ramp create stress on the body that you’ll likely feel for days after the move is said and done. PODS storage containers are level to the ground and don’t require ramps. This gets the move done quicker, and without all the extra stress on the body.

Local and Long-Distance Moves

It doesn’t matter how far you’re moving; PODS can help with both local and long distance moves. Whether you’re moving within Chattanooga, elsewhere within the state of Tennessee or beyond, we can make sure your belongings get where they need to go, safely and securely.

Get Ready to Sell Your Hamilton County Home

If you have to put your home on the market before the move, use a PODS portable storage container to help you de-clutter your home and get started on the packing. When all that extra stuff is out of the way, your home will shine for the open house.


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