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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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PODS is the most trusted name in portable moving & storage.

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What PODS customers are saying


When searching for my moving needs I did extensive research on all companies and no one could match the convenience, price or professionalism that PODS offered! The experience from beginning to end was nothing but positive! Would use again and highly recommend!!!


My PODS experience was amazing from start to finish. The team at the PODS sales center took care of me and helped find the best solution for my needs. The on-site crews for delivery, pickup, re-delivery and pick up were just flawless. Would use them again and HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

PODS Social

Thanks to @PODS for awesome customer service! Arrived at our brand new home perfectly as planned!


So excited for our @PODS container to come tomorrow! Can't wait to unpack it... Hope it comes early!


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PODS for Business

PODS allows you to combine Local and Long-Distance Transportation, Secure Warehouse Storage, and On-Site Project Storage in ways that eliminate steps, reduce project times, and respond cost-effectively to project changes and customer requests.

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Renovations with PODS

Whether it’s a large renovation project, small remodeling project, or simply a floor refinishing, PODS has the right storage container size to store all of your belongings while you complete your home improvement project.

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